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Priya, 19 year old college girl achieved Ideal Body Weight
As all my friends had already got their modeling portfolio made, I was still trying to lose last 6 kgs to reach my ideal body weight. But despite all efforts to control diet and regular walking I was not able to lose even half a kg.

Then I found mantra4fitness through one of my friend. Experts at mantra4fitness explained me the reason for my ‘plateau stage’ and accordingly guided the weight loss package which was a combination of diet and exercise.

Been in my college’s dance group I thought if I am dancing I would not need any exercise. Skeptical in the beginning though I joined the program for two months.

During those eight weeks my personal dietician helped me achieve what I thought would not be possible. Not only had I shed those 6 kgs my skin was looking fresh and younger.

My motivation was at all time high and the best part of the weight loss program at Mantra4fitness was I was not felling tired cause I was dieting. I was feeling lighter, younger and bubbling with energy (read as confidence).

I loved the fact that even without visiting the center I was losing weight and my personal dietician was available to answer all my queries. I saved my valuable time and devoted it to my family who was missing my presence at home very often.

Thanks mantra4fitness for all the compliments that are pouring on me now.
Fought with Diabetes!
About : Kunal, 34 year busy marketing professional

Since childhood I had been overweight and on top of it had a family history of diabetes from maternal side and heart disease from paternal side. But been moderate in lifestyle as in marketing profession I thought I would never develop these conditions.

To my dismay my annual medical report revealed diabetes with blood glucose level of 410 mg/dl. Doctors put me on medications but without any diet support neither my weight nor blood glucose level were not getting controlled. I was scared of the idea that doctor might put me on insulin.

Then I decided to give Mantra4fitness a chance and I soon started losing weight. Thanks to my personal dietician’s nutritional excellence, my blood glucose is now in the range of 140 mg/dl and doctor too reduced my diabetes medication. I not only fought with weight I fought will all the ‘bad lifestyle habits’ that I previously had.