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Diet Plan Faq's
Q. I have tried many weigh loss program still not very successful. Can I still lose weight?
Yes, we work with combination of diet and exercise for effective weight management. Nutritional management aims at providing right balance of nutrients even when you are on weight loss. Scientifically balanced and customized plans ensure that you eat as per your body requirements.
Q. I have a hectic schedule and cannot prepare exotic foods. Will I still be able to lose weight?
Our diet and exercise plans don’t interfere with your daily life. At Mantra 4 Fitness we develop plans that are simple to follow, and don’t come in the way of having fun with friends, family or colleagues. You can eat regular things from your own kitchen, lose weight and yet enjoy life with full energy.
Q. Does your diet makes me starve or will I be told to just eat one kind of food per day?
We do not prescribe any of the routine diets that you read or hear about. No exotic diets that are difficult to follow or those which give only temporary results. Our diet plans are balanced scientific plans customized around your lifestyle. We don’t make you starve.
Q. Does being on weight loss means I can’t have dessert or chocolates ever?
Eating dessert doesn't have to be taboo if you are trying to lose weight. You can have your favorite dessert lose weight simultaneously. The portion and frequency will be advised by our experts. Also, our experts will also guide you about the correct eating habits that can rid you of the cravings with are a resultant of imbalance of nutrients.
Q. My job requires me to be on toes throughout the day does your diet plan make me less energetic?
We customize the diet as per your calorie and nutrient requirement based on your daily routine.
Q. I regularly travel and eat outside, will your program still help me?
We have a solution for frequent travelers too! We design travel diet plans for you based on the duration, destination and the food availability.
In addition, our experts will advice you on healthy snacking options when you are outside and hungry. We provide travel eating tips to help yopu ensure right selection while being away from home.
Q. I have heard weight loss leads to dry skin and hair loss. Will I face these problems while being on your plan?
Unbalanced nutrients due to drastically reducing the calories results in dry skin or hair loss. With Mantra 4 Fitness weight loss plan your diet is nutritionally balanced, not robbing any of the essential nutrients from your diet. Put aside your worries, our program helps you improve ypur skin and hair.
Q. How much weight can I lose per month?
We suggest a 2-3 kg per month as healthy limit. However, if you combine diet and exercise you can aim at 3-5 kg per month. What we aim is targeting fat loss, so you lose weight in terms of inches making the change more visible in a short span of time.
Q. Do we need to meet for these weight loss plans?
Not necessarily. It entirely depends on you and the kind of time you have at your disposal. We are located in Delhi but people all over the World consult us.
Q. Will I be able to maintain my weight after weight loss program?
We help your body adjust with your new found weight with the help of a maintenance period. Of course maintenance of weight is also dependent on striking the right balance between indulgence and correct eating.
→ Exercise
Q. I have not exercised before; will I be able to exercise as per your plan?
Experts will be designing the workout program for you based on your current fitness levels and stamina. Exercise intensity is increased gradually as the program continues and based on weight loss performance.
Q. I am regular to gym so why do I need your plan?
We structure your exercises specifically correlating with your health/ fitness goal.
Q. What if I don’t have any equipment for exercising?
We can design an equipment free workout can be designed for you. If possible, some minimal investment in equipments like yoga mat, Swiss ball and like based on your requirement.
Q. Do you need to exercise for 2 hours every day to lose weight?
No, the exercises planned for duration of 30- 45 minutes to an hour based on your goals. We would never recommend you to over exercise your muscles.
Q. How often do I have to exercise?
Exercise plan would be designed for 3-5 days a week based on your goal.
Diabetes FAQs
Q. If I follow your program, do I have to stop my medicines completely?
The medicines must be usually continued as before at the start of the program. Your doctor may reduce your dosage as once your sugar levels are stable within the minimal normal range.
Q. How is your plan different?
We specifically tailor your program as per your current blood sugar levels and eating habits. Healthy food choices from the regular kitchen food and simple exercises go a way in controlling your blood glucose levels. Our experts aim at making healthy choices a part of your lifestyle.
Q. Will I be allowed to indulge in eating sweets, especially when I am very fond of eating desserts?
Your health experts will advice you on eating right portion and kind of sweet, if you really want to keep that in the diet. However, once your diet is nutritionally balanced your sugar craving would be taken care of.
Q. Do I need to eat some special ‘Diabetic Foods’ as a part of your program?
Diabetic foods are not miracle food key is always to manage your total calories and nutrients as per your requirement. As a part of program, we will not recommend any fancy exotic foods which are difficult to keep up in a longer run.
Q. Will I be allowed to eat banana, mango while being on your program?
All fruit are equally good for you, even if you have diabetes. Our plans will specify the right portion and right placement of these fruits during the day to help you still control your sugar levels.
Q. Will following your exercise program be safe while I have diabetes?
Yes, the diet and exercise plan are balanced to ensure that you get right calories and energy. Remote chances that while being on our plan your blood sugar level will dip low.
Q. Can certain foods increase thyroid function?
Food that does not interact with thyroid functions are increased in the diet while foods which are interact has to be eliminated.
Q. Can I lose weight even when I have hypothyroid?
The key for achieving weight loss with hypothyroid is to increase metabolism which can be done by increasing the aerobic exercises.
Q. Will I be off the medication after your program?
Our plans help to manage the levels and achieve weight loss along with the medications prescribed by your doctor.
Post-Natal Weight Loss
Q. How soon after giving birth can I start exercising?
You just have to wait at least six weeks before beginning abdominal exercises.
Q. Can I diet for postnatal weight loss?
Nursing mothers should not crash diet to lose weight. Whether or not you are breastfeeding, daily exercise will improve your circulation and boost your metabolism, helping you get back to your pre-pregnancy weight.
Q. Will the exercises planned decrease milk production?
No- and it has no adverse effect on the baby. In fact it will control mood swings by planning foods that control the stress-related hormone and this in turn increases the milk production.
Q. Do I need any special equipment for the workout?
Equipment free workout can be designed for you with minimal investment in equipments like yoga mat, Swiss ball and like based on your requirement.
Q. If I diet, will my baby receive the nutrients required?
The diet planned is balanced taking into consideration that you are feeding the baby. Both mother and baby are not deprived of the vital nutrients.