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100 Calorie Mid-Time Snack

Whether you’re aim is to get size ‘zero’ or have set a target for reducing waist line for the coming new year. If you eat more than what your body needs, the excess is stored as fat. Often we resort to counting calories to make weight loss efforts easier.

Best solution is to limit your snack (afternoon and evening) between 100 to 200 calories. But 100 calories itself is a dicey number. One can get 100 calories by having either one small scoop of ice-cream, 2-3 piece of chocolate or half a cup of plain curd.
Here is a small list that will be useful for you :
Healthy Option: 8 walnut halves/12 raw or roasted almonds
Unhealthy Option: 2 tablespoons of cashews /16 raw or dry roasted peanuts/28 kernels of pistachios
One medium banana/ one medium pear/1 cup raw strawberries/four dates/ 2 wedges mango/ 2 wedge melon
Healthy Option: One hard-boiled egg/ one scrambled egg, tablespoon of skim milk added/one poached egg
Unhealthy Option: One fried egg
Flesh foods
Healthy Option: One pc skinless grilled chicken breast/ one skinless leg piece
Unhealthy Option: One small piece red meat mutton/ one piece organ meat
Dairy Choice
Healthy Option: 1 glass skim milk/ ¾ glass of unsweetened soy milk
Unhealthy Option: 1 slice of regular cheese/ One-third cup baked custard/half cup frozen yogurt
Yogurt and Fruit
Healthy Option: Top 1/4 c low fat curd with 1 tsp ground flaxseed and 1/2 c diced peach or pear.
Unhealthy Option: Two chocolate or vanilla sandwich cookies/ Two piece dairy milk/ half bar snickers
Healthy Option: One slice of whole grain bread/ ½ cup of streamed brown rice /5 tablespoons of dried oatmeal/40g of wheat pasta/One cup of air-popped popcorn
Unhealthy: ½ cup of streamed white rice/ 20g (4 tsp) of pasta in white sauce

Make smarter and healthier snack choices before giving in those afternoon / evening cravings and hunger pangs for some high-calorie junk food.