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About Us
Mantra for Fitness aims to provide you total fitness solution for all your dietary & exercise regime. Whether you want to lose or increase weight, tone or build muscles, maintain weight with medical conditions we provide one stop solution to manage all at age!!!

Our experts will design a personalized diet and exercise program based on your goal. A detailed analysis of your eating habits, lifestyle, and family history helps you select your goal.
Select your Goal :
- Weight Loss
- Weight/muscle Gain
- Stamina Building
- Diabetes Management
- Thyroid Management
- Menopausal Weight management
How we work
Based on your goal our expert will design your plan with features:
Personal Dietitian
For achieving goals, a close association with your personal dietician is important. Dietician is available to you over the phone and email.
Personalized diet and exercise plans
- No starvation!
- Weekly Balanced Diet!
- We won’t ask you to stop socialising while being on our plan
- Weekly exercise plan designed as per your fitness level and equipment availability
- Detailed exercise schedule with exercises’ form, sets and reps
Be on Track
- We know staying on track while achieving your goal is as important as an effective plan.
- To keep you on track your dietitian will follow-up on bi-weekly basis to track your progress and yes to motivate you.